About us

Welcome to Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad Inc.


Whether you are already a member of the community, or a university student looking for some life experience outside of the classroom, the Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad is always on the look out for dedicated individuals eager to help the community as well as themselves.

Located in the city of Greenbelt's historic downtown, the firehouse sits less than four miles from the University of Maryland, and just six miles from the East border of Washington, D.C. We are situated just one mile from both the Baltimore/Washington Parkway and Interstate 495, two miles from the Greenbelt Metro Station, and a University of Maryland bus route passes directly in front of the fire station.

Volunteer firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians respond to emergency calls every night of the week in this suburban sprawl of the Nation's Capital. Some members decide to live at the station, running calls for their rent. Others dedicate two nights a month to be on a Duty Crew.

Volunteers receive FREE training to become certified firefighters and/or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), are issued equipment with NO out-of-pocket expenses, and are eligible for many long-term rewards for their service.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this one-of-kind experience, please send us an email at info@engine35.com.


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